Get Help Landscaping

Here are my best 3 tips for home owners! First, check out your current situation. What do you have to work with and what are you trying to do. I always recommend that people take a look at the project they are trying to complete and figure out what is the best and most affordableContinue reading “Get Help Landscaping”

Why do we grow grass seed in Oregon?? — nuttygrass

Here’s a good question, “Why are you growing grass seed on those acres and acres of fields when you could be growing food?” Well with the recent closing of yet another food processor in this state, the answer to this question can get very complex. So what I thought I would give you here is […]Continue reading “Why do we grow grass seed in Oregon?? — nuttygrass”

Life & Work in Eugene Oregon

Welcome to Eugene Oregon! this is my favorite place to live and work. Here you can find so many beautiful things is nature. It is our passion to create beautiful landscaped yards for our whole community to love and enjoy. Please watch this video to get some of your owe ideas and give us aContinue reading “Life & Work in Eugene Oregon”

Growing veg – the 8 mistakes you can easily avoid — My Best Home and Garden

I am officially no good at growing veg. So I’m not going to tell you how to grow any individual vegetable – there are lots of other excellent bloggers and YouTubers who can do that. At the bottom of this post, there’s a list of useful posts, videos and books to help you grow vegetables. […]Continue reading “Growing veg – the 8 mistakes you can easily avoid — My Best Home and Garden”

Landscaping in Eugene Oregon

There is a lot one can do with the outside of their home. It can take a lot of time, effort, and money! And I have always enjoyed doing just that. Helping others create the vision they have for their home brings me joy. I also enjoy the small jobs where we just show upContinue reading “Landscaping in Eugene Oregon”