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Best landscaping ideas for Eugene/Springfield Oregon
Eugene Landscapers can do this!

Hey everyone, I hope you enjoyed the video! I thought these are some things you might be able to do your self or with a little help. There are a lot of cool and exciting things you can do with your front or back yard. The weather is amazing and now is the time to make your outdoor living space just the way you want it. Here is a few things I thought could help you on your road to the perfect space.

Limit the number of species of flowering plants, shrubs, and trees. Aim for no more than five to ten species of perennials, three to five different shrubs, and one or two types of trees. Make planting beds that are large enough to accommodate your desired mix of plants. Repeat plant forms and textures to unify plantings. A walkway is a great way to lead the eye to the front door so put some plants there. Have evergreen trees and shrubs to add form and texture year-round.

This is a good example of most of what I was talking about.

Do you need to do everything the “right” way? Heck no! this is your yard or garden make it they way you like these are just suggestions. Of course Landscapers in Eugene can help make any vision you have come true. But we also want to encourage people to engage with the outdoors and create something you love. If we can help you know we would love to. So always feel free to give us a call.

Here are some tips from our friends at Better Homes & Gardens

1. Do your research. County extension agents and horticulturists at local universities offer free advice that can save you from making costly mistakes. Learn from your favorite books, magazines, and gardening websites, too.

2. Trust your instincts. When it comes to free advice, you sometimes get what you pay for. Keep in mind that profit motives may make some landscapers or garden-center staff overzealous. If you’re not sure about something, don’t buy it.

3. Comparison shop. Nurseries may differ drastically in price and quality. You may find great deals from online garden centers, too.

4. Avoid impulse buys. Make sure you have an appropriate spot for a plant before you purchase it. Otherwise, you may end up watching it die.

5. Shop cooperatively. Buying in bulk is less expensive if you share the costs with gardening friends or neighbors. The same goes for renting equipment such as tillers, lawn aerators, etc. Likewise, combine mail-order purchases with friends to cut shipping costs. Get more tips on smart garden shopping.

6. Buy used when you can. New isn’t always better. You can often find great deals on plants or tools at garage and estate sales.

7. Don’t overplant. Landscape with mature sizes in mind, or you may end up paying to move crowded plants.

8. Collect inspiration. Instead of hiring a professional, clip pictures you like from gardening magazines, books, and websites to get ideas before you start a new garden bed or landscaping project.Check out our Pinterest boards of garden inspiration. Here’s a hint: If there’s a landscape in your neighborhood that you really like, don’t be afraid to knock on the door and ask the homeowner if you can take pictures for your inspiration book. The homeowner might share tips on getting the look. Use our Plan-a-Garden quick app to get started.

9. Test your soil. A simple soil test will pinpoint what your soil lacks — so you won’t have to buy unneeded additives or the wrong plant. Many soil tests also recommend the best plant choices for your soil type, so you can grow a carefree garden without trying to amend your ground. Learn more about testing your soil.

10. Pay attention to pH. If your ground is too acidic or alkaline, most plants can’t take up nutrients, no matter how much you feed them. That means fertilizers are a waste of money.

For the full list of tips, tricks check our the articulate here.

Now that it is getting warm outside make sure to give each plant the correct amount of water. I know this is a tricky topic and it really depends on where you are at and what type of climate and what type of plant. Please do you our research to make sure all the hard work that has been put into your back yard oasis is not lost. There are many things you can to make sure the plant you have get just what they need. By keeping up on this blog you will be able to create landscaping perfection!

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